Nottingham’s Liberal Democrats have welcomed the Government’s announcement of £44.4m of funding available for 10 projects in the D2N2 area, one of which is to enable the ‘removal of blight through demolition’ of the Broadmarsh Centre.

Lloydie James Lloyd, a spokesperson for Nottingham Liberal Democrats said:

“The city council now have the ability to put forward plans for the Broadmarsh and Southside transformation. We have been clear from the start that a green space needs to be at the heart of these plans and part of a ‘green gateway’ into the city. Thousands of residents have signed a petition asking for a green space and the Liberal Democrats have produced a plan of how the area could look. Today we call on the city council to sit down with us to discuss our plans. The Council Leader said they were interested in hearing views from people in the city so we are taking them at their word.

“The Liberal Democrats have offered a vision of a regenerated, greener Nottingham. We hope the Labour-dominated council will put party politics aside and sit down with us and other interested parties so that we can discuss the future of the city we all live in.

“The Liberal Democrats put forward a plan on July 24th which detailed a mixed use development which is exactly what the government has said it is willing to fund in its announcement. After years of delay with the Broadmarsh, it’s time for the City Council to be bold. We urge them to talk to us about creating a greener, vibrant gateway into our great city”

The Lib Dems’ plan for a new ‘green gateway’ into the city, produced with NTU School of Architecture alumna Alexis Lane. Click to enlarge.