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The Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a Britain which is Open, Tolerant and United - enabling every person to get on in life.

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

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  • Tony Sutton headshot
    Article: May 5, 2017

    Tony Sutton - Nottingham South

    Tony and his family have lived and worked in Nottingham South for nearly 40 years. After obtaining his degree in Food Technology, he was a manager at Unilever before coming to work at Boots in 1978 with his wife and two young children, who now have their own families.

    As an active Liberal Democrat, Tony has always been very involved in the local community. He was Chair of the local pre-school playgroup and a governor at Fernwood School as well as standing as a candidate in local elections.

  • Barry Studio1
    Article: May 5, 2017

    Barry Holliday - Nottingham East

    Barry was born in 1977 in Matlock, Derbyshire. He grew up in Dronfield and Chesterfield attending Gosforth & Fanshawe schools, then Chesterfield College and finally Sheffield Hallam University. Barry started working in IT in the manufacturing sector and then in IT support before becoming a non-clinical data and finance manager in the NHS. After discovering a passion for education from his time assisting a school's project with Portsmouth museums he began re-training as Teacher of History in 2010.

    Barry worked in an inner-city academy in Nottingham and has experience of working with disenfranchised pupils from a range of backgrounds. Barry has lived in a variety places around the East Midlands. Barry moved to Nottingham in 2003 and married his wife, Gail, in 2012

    One testament to Barry's dedication to youth and education is the time he has put into managing his school's under 13 football team and the East Midlands under 17 fencing team. He is highly personable with the skills to communicate on a variety of levels. Barry is a passionate liberal who is committed to liberal values and equally dedicated to putting them in to action.

    Barry is a determined campaigner for equality, voting reforms and the de-politicising of trade unions. He has held union roles within UNISON and ATL (Association of Teachers & Lecturers). In education he is ardent supporter of PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship & Economic education) and improving pastoral care. He will always work hard to better the lives of those around him, listening and progressing the concerns of others where ever possible.

    Barry will work hard for the residents of Nottingham East, campaigning for high quality efficient local services, seeking to publicise Nottingham's wonderful reputation as a proud historical city and fighting to see that national infrastructure improvements outside of London include our great city.

    Contact Details

    Email: barry@barryholliday.org.uk

    Website: nottinghamlibdems.org.uk / barryholliday.org.uk

    Twitter: @hollidb

    Facebook: facebook.com/BarryHollidayLibDem

    Telephone: 07397 151 457

    Barry profile on Lib Dem federal party website - http://www.libdems.org.uk/barry_holliday

    How to back Barry:

    Join us: www.libdems.org.uk/join

    Donate to Nottingham Lib Dems: https://nottinghamlibdems.org.uk/en/donate

    Register to volunteer: https://nottinghamlibdems.org.uk/en/volunteer

  • Tad Jones 2015
    Article: May 5, 2017

    Tadeusz Jones - Nottingham North

    Tad Jones was born in Nottingham and lives in Redhill. He was educated at local schools before going to Liverpool to study pharmacology, St Andrews for a biochemistry PhD, and then returning for a MA in international relations at Nottingham Trent.

    Tad is currently working in the healthcare research sector and has a keen interest in science policy. An active member of ALDES (the Association of Liberal Democrat Engineers and Scientists), Tad is passionate about the role science can play in driving economic growth and providing skilled jobs.

  • Article: May 1, 2017
    By Barry Holliday

    Sherwood is a wonderfully unique community in the city and that gets forgotten by the ruling Labour group. With several distinct areas within it, from Edwards Lane to the Dales estate, to Carrington. Each deserve their own focus, not being 'lost' in the City.

    Liberals believe passionately in decisions being taken at the most local level possible, to respect all views and the local differences that can occur even within a single housing estate or council ward.

  • Article: May 1, 2017
    By Barry Holliday

    A note from Barry:

    With a Tory Party that is taking us head-first into a Hard Brexit, and a Labour Party that is imploding,

    I'm writing to ask you to vote for a strong voice for Sherwood. I have lived in Nottingham for the last 14 years, and am proud to call it my home. I've been a teacher at a local school.

  • Article: Apr 27, 2017
    By Barry Holliday

    Since losing Lib Dem opposition on the City Council, Corbyn's Labour have got lazy - YOU can send them a message by electing Barry Holliday as YOUR local councillor, to give Sherwood Its Own Voice again.

    Sherwood residents have even been writing letters to their neighbours, asking them to vote for Barry, to vote to get things done.

  • Article: Apr 21, 2017

    Lib Dems: This is a chance for voters in Nottingham to prevent a hard Brexit

    People in Nottingham should vote for the Liberal Democrats to prevent a hard Brexit and protect the local economy, the party's local candidates have said today.

    On Tuesday the Prime Minister called a snap General Election to be held on the 8th June.

  • Article: Apr 21, 2017

    PAC report shows lives at risk by delayed emergency services communications plan

    Planned changes by the Home Office to emergency service communications are set to strike a "potentially catastrophic blow" to the ability of the police, fire and ambulance services to keep citizens safe, according to a damning report by the Public Accounts Committee.

  • Article: Apr 21, 2017

    Lib Dems challenge Tory Remain MPs to shun Theresa May's Hard Brexit manifesto

    Theresa May will reportedly include her Hard Brexit negotiating priorities in the Conservative General Election manifesto to lock Remain-backing Tory MPs and the House of Lords into backing her stance.
    The manifesto will include guarantees to leave the Single Market, end the free movement of European Union citizens, and to end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

  • Article: Apr 20, 2017
    By Barry Holliday

    Loss of 100 Diageo jobs is the reality of a hard Conservative Brexit

    The drinks company Diageo has announced plans to cut over 100 jobs in Scotland because of concerns over Brexit, it was reported today, including 70 redundancies in Fife and 35 near Glasgow.

    Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scotttish Liberal Democrats and MSP for North East Fife, commented:

  • Article: Apr 20, 2017
    By Barry Holliday

    Corbyn has betrayed millions of Labour remain voters - Carmichael

    Commenting on Labour ruling out a referendum on the final Brexit deal Liberal Democrat Shadow First Secretary Alistair Carmichael said:

    "It is clear now that Jeremy Corbyn is more than willing to back the Tories as they pursue a hard, destructive Brexit. He even ordered his MPs to troop through the division lobbies behind Theresa May.

    "By denying the people a vote on the final Brexit deal, he is turning his back on democracy and the 48% of voters who wanted to remain, but also people who voted leave but clearly want us to stay in the Single Market.

    "This is a betrayal of the millions of former Labour voters who strongly reject Theresa May's hard-right Brexit plan. They deserve a vote on the final deal that the Tories come back with, and the Lib Dems will fight to give it to them.

    "The Liberal Democrats are the real opposition to this Tory Brexit government."

  • Article: Apr 20, 2017
    By Barry Holliday

    Police used as 'first resort' for mental health care, watchdog warns

    Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Sir Thomas Winsor, has today published his annual assessment of policing in England and Wales. Police are being used as the first resort/emergency response in cases of mental ill-health because of cuts to mental health services. Commenting, Shadow Health Secretary

  • Article: Apr 20, 2017
    By Barry Holliday

    Lib Dems gain 8,000 members in 48 hours

    The Liberal Democrats have gained 8,000 new members in the two days since Theresa May called a snap election.

    The increase in members is the fastest rise of new membership in the party's history.

    The party now has over 95,000 members, more than double what it was at the time of the last general election.

  • Article: Apr 20, 2017
    By Barry Holliday

    Lib Dems: Carswell is another top Brexiteer leaving a sinking ship

    Responding to the announcement Douglas Carswell will not stand in the snap General Election, coming after Gisela Stuart quit yesterday, Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary Tom Brake said:

    "This is yet another top Brexiteer leaving a sinking ship.

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