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The Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a Britain which is Open, Tolerant and United - enabling every person to get on in life.

The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Recent updates

  • Article: Jun 24, 2017

    One year on from the referendum result, Vince Cable has warned that the country is facing a "Brexit crunch" unless Theresa May changes course.

    The Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, who is widely credited with predicting the 2008 financial crisis, has issued a stark warning that an extreme Brexit outside the Single Market and Customs Union would lead to heavy job losses and a slump in growth and living standards.

  • Article: Jun 23, 2017

    Shock revelation May blocked EU nationals' right to stay is a "badge of shame"

    The Liberal Democrats have criticised Theresa May as "cold and heartless," following the shock revelation she blocked attempts to guarantee the right to stay for EU nationals immediately after the referendum.

    In a scathing editorial in the Evening Standard today, George Osborne revealed that "in the days immediately after the referendum, David Cameron wanted to reassure EU citizens they would be allowed to stay. All his Cabinet agreed with that unilateral offer, except his Home Secretary, Mrs May, who insisted on blocking it."

  • Event: Jul 2, 2017 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    8 Whitwell Close, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG8 6JS

    Hello lovely members and friends!

    Well it's been a busy few months hasn't it? What with the Sherwood By-Election, increasing our vote share and then the General Election to boot.

    We would not get anywhere near as much done without your help and support - to say thank you, please come along to our free to attend "Thank You BBQ"

  • Article: Jun 22, 2017

    New homelessness cases in England have risen by by 48% and the numbers of families living in temporary accommodation is up 61%, according to government figures published today. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has blasted the Tories over the news and said it is 'stain on our nation's conscience.'
    Councils accepted 59,090 households as homeless and in 'priority' need of housing in 2016/17 - compared to 40,020 in 2009/10.

  • Article: Jun 22, 2017

    Today in the House of Commons the Rt Hon Ed Davey secured a commitment from the Home Secretary that the Commission for Countering Extremism would listen to voices from all communities who are willing to work with the Government to defeat extremism.

    Commenting after the statement in the chamber Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary said:

    "It is absolutely vital that the Government works with the communities most likely to be affected by counter extremism and de-radicalisation programmes. For all the good the Prevent strategy may have achieved it has been fatally wounded by the lack of trust the Muslim community has in it and the toxicity surrounding the brand.

    If we are determined to defeat violent extremism then we must be sure to work in partnerships with all communities who share our vision and not alienate the very communities that are likely to be able to offer the best intelligence and the strongest counter-narratives.

    The Liberal Democrats will follow the process of the establishment on the Commission for Countering Extremism to ensure it is inclusive and avoids making the same mistakes as the Prevent strategy."

  • Article: Jun 22, 2017

    Today the government announced the shortlist of bidders for the HS2 franchise, amongst them was a joint venture with Chinese company Guangshen Railway company and MTR. Commenting on the news Shadow Transport Secretary Jenny Randerson said:

    "Our vital infrastructure should not just be flogged off to the highest bidder.

  • Article: Jun 22, 2017

    Tim Farron will meet Liberal Prime Ministers and leaders in Brussels today to make the case for Britain's continued membership of the Single Market. Tim's discussions come after the Liberal Democrats tabled an amendment to the Queen's Speech, the first defeat on Queen's speech since 1924.
    Speaking in Brussels, Tim will say:

  • Article: Jun 21, 2017

    Donald Trump's state visit to the UK appears to have been shelved for at least two years after it was not included in the Queen's speech.

    Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Alistair Carmichael commented:

    "It took Theresa May just seven days to offer Donald Trump a state visit, it's taken her 145 days to officially postpone it.

  • Article: Jun 21, 2017

    Commenting on the Queen's Speech, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:
    "This slimmed down Queen's Speech shows a government on the edge.

    "Having dropped everything from the Dementia Tax to fox hunting I assume the only reason they have proposed a Space Bill is so they can shoot their manifesto into space and pretend it never existed.

  • Article: Jun 21, 2017

    The Liberal Democrats have called on the government to propose an additional £300m a year for police forces across the country.

    It comes as senior police chiefs have warned that budget cuts are undermining their ability to do their jobs properly.

    Damian Green claimed in an interview this morning there are "no police cuts," despite police funding facing a real-terms cut of £160m between 2015-16 and 2016-17, and future cuts of -1.4% by 2020.

  • Article: Jun 20, 2017

    Chancellor Philip Hammond has called for a transitional deal on Brexit to protect the economy at a speech at Mansion House, while Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has admitted that Brexit will make us all poorer.

    It comes as the government is under pressure from the Liberal Democrats and business community to soften its stance on Brexit, including by protecting Britain's membership of the single market and customs union.

  • Article: Jun 17, 2017

    Gove has betrayed consumers on cheap food - Farron

    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has attacked new Environment Secretary Michael Gove for U-turning on cheap food. During the referendum campaign Gove promised British consumers they would enjoy cut-price groceries due to there being more imports from outside the EU. However, with the government's extreme Brexit under threat as the Conservatives split over the single market and customs union, Gove has rowed back from his promise.

    Tim Farron said:

    "This is yet another Brexit lie, to go with the £350m a week extra Michael Gove promised the NHS. He has only had his feet back under the cabinet table a few days and he has already broken another major promise. He told voters that after Brexit there would be honey for tea, but now reality is starting to bite he is offering British consumers nothing but thin gruel.

    "The public are already suffering a Brexit squeeze of higher prices and shrinking product sizes due to the devastating devaluation of the pound caused by Theresa May's extreme Brexit. Meanwhile, farmers are still waiting to hear if the Conservatives will continue as part of any post-Brexit arrangements to give them the subsidies they currently receive from the EU.

    "It is clear the government has no clue, no strategy and no shame. It is falling apart before our eyes, and it is the British public paying the price."

  • Article: Jun 16, 2017

    Liberal Democrats have announced a new Shadow Cabinet. The party which gained seats in the election now have 12 MPs in the House of Commons.

    The team in the House of Commons are:

    Leader - Tim Farron MP
    Exiting the European Union; International Trade; First Secretary of State - Tom Brake MP
    Chancellor - Vince Cable MP
    Foreign Secretary - Jo Swinson MP
    Home Secretary - Ed Davey MP
    Health Secretary - Norman Lamb MP
    Education Secretary; Young People - Layla Moran MP
    Communities and Local Government; Refugees - Wera Hobhouse MP
    Culture, Media and Sport - Christine Jardine MP
    Work and Pensions - Stephen Lloyd MP
    Scotland - Jamie Stone MP
    Chief Whip; Northern Ireland - Alistair Carmichael MP

    Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:

    "I am delighted to announce our new shadow cabinet team, which brings together a wealth of experience. The party has people with a range of skills from within government, business and the charity sector.

    "Together we will provide the strong opposition Britain needs to stand up to this Conservative government."

  • Mariam Mahmood - Scots LibDem Environment spokesman (Mariam Mahmood)
    Article: Jun 15, 2017
    By Mariam Mahmood (Environment Spokesperson at Scottish Liberal Democrats)

    With Donald Trump backing out of the Paris Agreement and Michael Gove being appointed as the Environment Secretary, it seems that the environment is low on the political agenda and is falling further. Climate change certainly wasn't the hot topic during the snap General Election and Gove is unlikely to push it further up the agenda.

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