Statement on proposed statutory intervention by Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities

As Liberal Democrats, we believe that ensuring decisions are taken at the lowest practicable level is a key element in strengthening the democratic process in this country. In practice, this means decisions about local spending should be taken locally wherever practical. However, Nottingham Labour’s repeated financial mismanagement without proper scrutiny over the last several years […]

Broadmarsh: Environmental big hitters come together to insist on a green approach

A new “green umbrella” group brings together many of Nottingham’s biggest environmental champions to put pressure on the City Council to come up with a sustainable plan for the Broadmarsh Centre site and adjacent areas. The green umbrella is made up of Nottingham Green Party, Nottingham Co-Housing, Nottingham Good Food Partnership, Nottingham Liberal Democrats and […]

Parties work together on stunning green Broadmarsh solution

The Green Party and the Liberal Democrats in Nottingham have joined together to create a modern, forward-looking green plan to replace the old Broadmarsh shopping centre. With many groups coming forward asking for the old Broadmarsh to be turned into a park, Nottingham Liberal Democrats and Nottingham Green Party have combined to work up an […]

Policy Group 2020 Meetings

The Liberal Democrats are a democratic party in which policy is made by the members. As a local party we can make policy which will feed into our local election manifesto, and we can propose policies for consideration at regional and national (Federal) level. In Nottingham we have meetings set aside for consideration of policy […]